De Amour Jewelry Limited Edition Paired Rings Special Design

De Amour Jewelry Limited Edition 

Only 500 Paired Rings Made


Retail: $250 Per Set (2 rings)



Note:  You are bidding on our ONE of our special limited edition paired rings  (please note just one ring)

Your choice of man or woman’s style ring.  Or you can request to have a paired rings for both man and woman.

Limited Edition Couple Rings

           Historia De Amour

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(inside has laser engraved “Limited Edition” and marked 925)

Design Explained

Both man and woman’s rings have concentric design signifying unity and connections between the two.  Excellent craftsmanship and highest grade CZ picked to make this speical edition ring even more eye catching.  

Great for any occasion

Engraved Limited Edition 

Brand Name De Amour (Also means Love)

Materials: Silver 925 with Rhodium coating for shine and durability 

Very limited in supplies.  

Man ring:  5 CZ on either side making it 10 high grade CZ diamonds in total

Woman: 10 CZ on either side making it 20 CZ diamonds in total


Due to its special design the ring can be worn as pendant and still look fantastic.